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Gypsy Shakira Song Lyrics

Gypsy Song Lyrics Broke my heart on the road Spent the weekend sewing the pieces back on Crayons and dolls pass me by Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly

Did It Again Shakira Song Lyrics

Did It Again Song Lyrics First Floor (ah..) Room Sixteen (ah..) Smells like danger (let's go) Even better (let's go) Set your goals (ah..) Bless our souls (ah..) I'm in trouble (yes, I know) But it feels like heaven

Underneath Your Clothes Shakira Song Lyrics

Underneath Your Clothes Song Lyrics You're a song Written by the hands of God Don't get me wrong cause This might sound to you a bit odd But you own the place Where all my thoughts go hiding And right under your clothes Is where I find them